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1. How long is 1 Term?

10 weeks for lessons at Kallang Squash Center

8 weeks for lessons at Chinese Swimming Club

2. Is there replacement class is my child is on MC?

Yes, only if a valid MC is produced. A replacement class or a session credit will be reflected in following term

3. Can I join mid term?

Yes, if you are a new student

4. What if I am travelling overseas?

No replacement or credit if students miss class due to above because the class will still go on and you are occupying a spot in the class. Unless you are travelling for a long period, then you are advised to skip the term and rejoin when you return

5. Will the class have the same coach weekly?

Yes, the same coach for the class for the term. Unless the coach is away/ on MC then a replacement coach will be used

6. Will my child be in the same class weekly?

Yes, unless the coaches feel that student should move on to a different class or to be exposed to other players

7. Are the coaches certified?

All our coaches are either World Squash Federation,  Asian Squash Federation or certified/ trained by Ultimate Squasher Head Coaches

8. When are the fees due and payable to?

Before the start of each term

Kallang Squash Center classes: Paynow to UEN 201902878C

CSC & SICC Classes: Registration and Payment to the Club directly

9. Who are the Head Coaches?

Sandra Wu and Della Lee


10. Who are the Coaches in Charge?

Level 1: Coach Keet

Level 2: Coach Keet and Linus

Level 3: Coach Linus

Level 4: Coach and Della Lee Chua Man Tong

11. What is Level 1,2,3,4?

Level 1: Beginners

Level 2: Game Ready

Can the ball hit to back court but unable to get the ball off back court. Able to do solo drives to 3/4 court consistently. 


Level 3: Competition Ready

Can hit the ball to back court & able to get the ball off back court. Able to do solo drives to back court consistently. Able to do Simple Closed Drills


Level 4: Inter School, NSL League and above

Able to do more Complex Open Drills 

12. What type of equipment do I need for training and competition?

Squash Racket, Non Marking sole shoes, Protective eye wear

13. What is the youngest recommended age to start squash?

6 and above

14. What are the Secondary Schools that offer squash as CCA in Singapore?

Girls Schools: SCGS, RGS, NJC, CHIJ (TP), MGS

Boys Schools: ACSI, Raffles Institution, St Andrews, NJC, St Pats, Fairfield, SJI

Email to: for more info and fees.
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